2016 Washington County Fair Reflections

August 22 to 28, 2016 – Washington County Fairgrounds, Greenwich, New York.

Without a doubt, the Washington County Fair is the agricultural highlight of our area.  This year was no exception.  Julia, Sara, and the Dairy Ambassadors met at the Ag Center on Thursday evening before the opening of the fair to set up the booth, learn about Aggie the Incredible Milking Cow and review the week’s schedule.


Julia and Sara both spoke at the opening ceremony, welcoming visitors and local dignitaries to the fair.  After the opening ceremony, they served milk and cookies along with Maple Queen, Olivia Roberts.  (Photos coming.)

The week was filled with manning the dairy princess booth, showing cattle and participating in the equine events, and awarding ribbons during the dairy shows.

One of the highlights of the week was the Milking Contest on Thursday.  Julia and the Dairy Ambassadors, along with local dignitaries competed in a timed milking contest to see who could, by hand milking, get the most milk.